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February 17 –21, 2025

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YNA Coordinator :: Application & Information

The Young Negotiator Initiative (YNI) was started by Sonja Rauschütz, Founder of  Vienna School Initiatives e.V., and invites interested young professionals and students under 30 to claim their place at the negotiation table by acquiring the negotiation toolkit to participate and actively shape our future. To achieve this successfully it requires a learning partnership - so you will need to engage with the mindset of “Ready-Steady-Go” to get the very most out of it. 

YNI supports the professional and personal skill set regarding communication, cooperation, negotiation, conflict and leadership. 

The five-day intensive YN Academy is based on the tradition of the Vienna School of Negotiation and includes methods such as Harvard's Principled Negotiations, the Process Communication Model (PCM), Leading out of Drama (LOD), et al.  You will gain practice applying these instruments to case simulations and personal situations. All the practical exercises featured within the course are designed to give you hands-on experience and help you to integrate these new methods into your professional lives.

YN Academy

Our flagship event. This five-day intense program offers great insight into the tools and skills taught by the Vienna School of Negotiation. The focus of the YN Academy lies on interactive learning with case simulations and best practice exchange of ideas among participants, experts, and partners. The YN Academy takes place once a year and includes international keynotes and working group sessions. The material costs for trainings will amount to 540€. All other costs for this five-day intense program, including trainings, international keynotes and social activities, as well as dinners, snacks, beverages, and refreshments will be covered by partners of the Young Negotiator Initiative. You will get more information regarding the material cost as soon as your application has been accepted by our committee. 

For more information on how to apply click here or please send an email to

YN Lounge

Every quarter, the YN Lounge will take place. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss pressing issues and current affaires with experts in the fields of negotiation, business, politics, and culture. Cooperation with student organizations acting as hosts will help to spread our vision among students and young professionals with different social and cultural backgrounds.

YN Lifelong Learning

YN Life Long Learning constitutes an important project of our Initiative actively involving educational institutes and public organizations in a wide-ranging process of improving the way we communicate, negotiate, and deal with each other. To reach this goal YNI cooperates closely with ‘Teach for Austria’ to revolutionize the way our youngest learn to communicate.

YN Community

The focus of our membership program lies on the creation of an international, intercultural, and intergenerational network that acts as a platform to share experience, practice, but also to learn and develop personal skills. The membership program is based on an annual cycle and the enrollment is open to everyone interested in improving and expanding his or her negotiation and communication skillset.

What we do

“If people can not make a difference, who can?” – Prof. Roger Fisher (author of “Harvard´s Principled Negotiation”)

In today´s world of complex challenges there is an ever-growing need for finding ways of peaceful and constructive coexistence. We experience this not only on a global and European, but also on a very local level in our everyday lives. The ability to negotiate, to successfully cooperate and to find solutions for emerging conflicts is an essential factor for internal and external cooperation.

YNI provides young people with the necessary network and toolbox to help them actively shape their future.


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Sonja Rauschütz
YNA Initator & Lead Faculty
Julia Krenmayr
YNA  Faculty & Advisor
Marie Lang
YNA Coordinator :: Applications & Information


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Vienna School Initiatives e.V.

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