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February 17–21, 2025
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


10th Young Negotiator Academy


The YN Academy is a 5-day intensive program and taught by the faculty of the Vienna School of Negotiation. The program focuses on interactive learning and the exchange of participants, experienced practitioners and international expert. It takes place once a year and provides young people under the age of 30 with international Keynote-Lectures, working group sessions, simulations, presentations and Best- Practice-Dialogues. Students, interested young people of all backgrounds and young professionals, active in the field of politics, science and business, are invited to apply. Based on the qualifications, motivation and dedication the committee of the Vienna School of Negotiation expresses individual invitations.

But what exactly is goal of the YN Academy?

The YN Academy is a core element of  the Young Negotiator Initiative. High-profile lecturers, speakers, and trainers will provide an exclusive training – this makes the YN Academy absolutely unique in the field of negotiation training. We collaborate with renowned academic institutions and are therefore happy to support any academic accreditation process for e.g ECTS.

Our goal is to provide professional negotiation training to young people of all backgrounds and value interdisciplinary, intergenerational, and intercultural cooperation. 

Participation Fee

The participation fee will amount to 540€ (no VAT) and covers mostly the training material, Negotiator Agility SELF Assessment and your personal personality profiles (PCM Personality Profile & Drama Resilience Assessment).


More information regarding your personality profiles will be provided as soon as your application is accepted by our committee.

Early Bird

If you apply, are accepted and pay by Dec 23 2024, an Early Bird discount is granted, so that the participation fee is € 480.-.  

So send your application to us as soon as possible.

Methods of the Vienna School of Negotiation

Harvard's Pricipled Negotiation

Getting our boss, our colleagues or our partner to say ‘YES!’ to suggestions would make life simplier for many of us.

Unfortunately, convincing others and stating your point of view can be tricky sometimes.

Harvards Principled Negotiation was designed for such situations by Prof. Roger Fisher and his team at Harvard Law School. It is a popular negotiation tool that explains how to discuss and communicate more efficiently. 

Emphasising interests instead of positions, differentiating between factual and relationship levels or using objective standards are only a few suggestions that can help reach goals more easily and effectively.

Successful negotiations are always based on techniques and tools. Harvard' s Principled Negotiation pushes debates and arguments to a new level, because its use provides confidence and constancy. 



Want to join us at our 10th YN Academy from February 17 – 21,  2025 in Vienna, held in English.


It is quite easy, just …

     1. send us your CV and

     2. a video or motivational letter.



CV +               or                             YNA



Then sit back while a selected committee consisting of YNI and faculty members of the Vienna School of Negotiation decides who will get the opportunity to participate in the YN Academy #10.


The application period for the YN Academy 2025 has already started.

For more information please contact us via

Agenda 2024
Selection of Vienna School Faculty & Speakers 2015 - 2024

Sonja Rauschütz, Lead Faculty

Negotiation advisor and facilitator working with business and public sector clients since almost 30 years in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, the USA and the Middle East. Experienced management trainer and executive coach, Certified Process Communication Model® and Leading out of Drama™ Provider for Compassionate Accountability, trained system constellation consultant, therapeutic TE – counsellor, mediator for resolving conflicts between international alliances.

A boundary spanner, Sonja integrates her Central European upbringing with her academic and international training. She has taught e.g. at Program of Instructions of Lawyers (PIL), the Business University of Vienna, the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy, and belongs to the faculty of the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna. Founder of Israeli Palestinian Negotiating Partners (IPNP). From 1999 to 2002, she was part of the faculty of Harvard Law School and associate to Prof. Roger Fisher (Author of “Getting to Yes”).

Ciprian Moga, Faculty

Founder & Managing Partner of  iQuest Consulting & while a member of the Partner Agility Board

Entrepreneur, trainer, coach and business transformation advisor, helping organizations to develop through Strategy and People. He holds an EMBA from Institut d`Etudes Politiques de Paris

Certified Process Communication Model® Trainer (US), Karpman Processs Model® Trainer (F)  and Agile Profile® Master Trainer under supervision & Agile Profile® Certified Trainer

Ciprian is an international keynote speaker and is especially fond of delivering consulting and leadership development programs in Europe, US, Asia and Latam

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Moty Cristal

Founder and Managing Director of NEST Consulting and one of the leading Israeli experts in negotiations.

Moty served as Deputy Head of the Negotiation Management Centre at former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak's office, wherein he engaged in negotiations with Palestine and Jordan and played a part in both the Camp David and Taba summits. He developed the Negosystem© model for negotiation systems.

Mr. Cristal is a Lt. Colonel (R.) in the IDF, with extensive operational experience in crisis negotiation, and lectures worldwide on crisis negotiation and complex crisis management. 

 He is a faculty member at SKOLKOVO, Moscow's leading Business School, as well as a lecturer at the Executive MBA at Recanati, Tel Aviv University and the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzelia, and a visiting scholar in leading international negotiation institutions including the Program on International Negotiation (PIN) at IIASA, Austria, (2001-2008), Program On Negotiation at Harvard Law School (2007) and the IDSS in Singapore, (2004).

 Graduated Bar-Ilan Law School in Israel (1994), and Harvard Kennedy School of Government (1998), Mr. Cristal is also a doctoral researcher at the London School of Economics.

A boundary spanner, she integrates her Central European upbringing with her academic and international training. She has taught e.g. at Program of Instructions of Lawyers (PIL), the Business University of Vienna, the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy, and belongs to the faculty of the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna. Founder of Israeli Palestinian Negotiating Partners (IPNP).

Feb, 18, 10:00 A Negotiator's Toolkit

Julia Krenmayr

Negotiation Facilitator & Trainer of Vienna School of NegotiationCo-Founder of Vollpension, an inter-generational Social BusinessB.A. International Development (University of Vienna)Counsellor, Art-Therapist

Feb 18, 2019: 10:00 am - Negotiators's Toolkit

Dr. Harald Klien

Founder & Managing Director of CD Invest and Global M&A Austria and CEE, as well as former President of ACG Austria.


Dr. Klien has successfully completed over 300 international M&A deals in various industries (Automotive, Steel mechanical engineering, Technology and IT, food and beverage, media, etc...). He also is an experienced management trainer and keynote speaker in the field of international negotiations.

Feb, 20, 09:00 International Deals

Edith Doosje

Certified Process Communication Model® and Leading out of Drama ™ trainer & coach, and Founder and Managing Partner at Process Communication Nederland and Add Fuel.

Entrepreneur, trainer, coach, interim-manager and consultant with a focus on daily leadership. She believes a lot of energy-loss, frustration and stress within organisations can be avoided and turned into effective and positive energy and results. You can make a difference in every situation, both work and private with communication and motivation. For many years she has been working with executive leaders, teams and entrepreneurs to increase positive impact, motivation and reduce miscommunication.

Feb, 21, 9:00: Process Communication - Understanding different Personality Types

Nate Regier, PhD

CEO and Co-Founding Owner, Next Element Consulting

International trainer, advisor, keynote speaker, author and consultant specializing in conflict communication skills for change agents. University of Kansas, PhD

Certifying Master Trainer, PCM, PTM, PEM, Co-Developer and Certifying Master Trainer, LOD

Author, Beyond Drama: Transcending Energy Vampires, and Conflict Without Casualties: A Field Guide for Leading with Compassionate Accountability

Feb, 22, 13:00 Go Forth & Process!

Dr. Marcos Boskamp-Alexandre

Siemens Financial Services, Siemens AG Österreich
Ph.D., Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
Held different positions with SIEMENS, VOEST ALPINE and Babcock BSH in e.g. India, Brazil, Austria, South-West Europe and the US
International keynote speaker

Dirk Buschle

Deputy Director and Head of Legal of the Energy Community Secretariat, the surveillance authority established under the Energy Community Treaty of 2005.
Dirk Buschle studied law at Constance University, where he graduated in 1995. Subsequently, he worked as a researcher in European Law at St. Gallen University (Switzerland), where he earned his doctorate in European Communications Law. Following the German Referendariat at different courts and law firms in Karlsruhe, Mannheim and Cologne, he joined the Court of Justice of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA Court) as Legal Secretary and Head of the President's chambers (2002-2007).

Dirk Buschle is Vice-Director of the Institute for European and International Business Law at St. Gallen University. He regularly teaches postgraduate students there, as well as at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier. Dirk Buschle is the author of numerous publications in different areas of European Law and co-chairs the St. Gallen International Energy Forum.

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2024 9th Young Negotiator Academy AGENDA
Frequently Asked Questions
What is included in the participation fee?

Participants only have to cover direct material costs (including the individual PCM® Personality Profile and the individual Drama Resilience Assessment; the Negotiator Agility SELF Assessment as well as all teaching material). YNI Partners cover in form of scholarships the costs arising from trainer and keynote fees, location, etc.

What are my benefits?

Expand your personal skillset regarding negotiation and communication. Get a better understanding of your peronsality profile. Build a network of people with diverse backgrounds and similar mindsets. Get to know YNI partners and faculty, consisting of international trainers and experts. Become part of the YNI community and get regular invitations to exclusive events and trainings. Enjoy 5 days of great atmosphere, exchange and fun. Re-imagine the way of cooperation!

What will be the learning objectives of the 5-day intense program on negotiation?


Becoming able to identify and use the vast possibilities of the negotiation toolbox, including:


- Harvard' s Principled Negotiation - or 4 principles of interest-based negotiation (Fisher, Ury, Patton)
- Ability to successfully prepare for negotiations with the 7 Elements
- Conduct diagnosis of real life situations with the Circle Chart
- Identify the 3 main sides of negotiation and how to address them
- Analyse your own conflict negotiating styles and make use of others'  in different situations
- Successfully prepare contract deals (Harvard simulations and cases)
- Train yourself in multiparty negotiations
- Make use of different negotiation strategies in different situations


Process Communication Model®
- Ability to deal with the people side in negotiations
- Get to know your distress behavior and how to charge your own batteries
- Spot other personalities and learn how to address them
- Sharpen your understanding of different personality types and their character traits
- Understand communication preferences as well as the role of psychological needs concerning distress behavior
- Increase self-management and your agility when negotiating by using tailored interventions


Leading Out of Drama® with Compassionate Accountability™
- Train your skills with Compassion Circle: O-R-P
- Tame energy vampires with compassion and its three core skills: open, resourceful and persistent
- Strengthen your resilience by practicing Compassionate Conflict and managing drama risks and behavior

Previous YN Academies
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